Pum Pum for sale?

Is your pum pum for sale? I don’t know about you, but mine is. How much you ask? Keep your cash, keep your gifts, and pay for it with love, pay for it with commitment! No money, no shoes, no purses, no hairdos, just pure good old fashion love and commitment.

No more givingphoto (20) it up for material gains, selfish desires, self-gratification, all in the name of sexual ecstasy. No more. No more depleting our emotional banks, and running up the mileage, while running on empty, void of love and of commitment. No more.

Is it really worth it anyway, the lies, the lonely nights, and the pain? The lies we tell ourselves to justify our actions. The loneliness we feel even when he’s right there. The pain of the realization that this is it; this is all I deserve, and this is all that I’m worth…this right here, right now, is the rest of my life. Is it worth it?

So I ask myself is my pum pum on sale, and my answer is yes, on sale to the highest bidder, on sale for the suitor who is willing to pay the price. It’s expensive, I know, it’s hard work, I understand, but if you want it, if you desire it, you have to give, give of yourself, give of your emotions, and give from your spiritual bank. Give me what I need, and I will give you what you need, and trust me it will be worth it, it will be all worth the investment of love.

Alicia Calderon~

Pum Pum for sale?

Jesus is not coming back, get over it!

photo (17)

Do you still think Jesus is going to magically appear from the sky? Get over it. He died, and so will we. He rose from the dead, and so will we. Stop looking for a way out, love your life, get passionate about your purpose, and if it’s still unknown, seek God, and try asking Him what He created you to do.

If you’re not a religious person and you don’t believe in God, that’s fine too, look within yourself; find what makes you happy, and what makes you feel alive. You know that feeling we sometimes get when we’re doing something we love, and think to ourselves “damn, I should be getting paid for this”, or that moment when that light bulb thought hits you, “this is what I’m supposed to be doing; this is who I was born to be”…yeah that stuff, those feelings. Listen to that; find your authentic self- find your purpose.

Stop believing lies, and in this ideological myth, that Jesus is going to magically appear from the sky to save us. Or better yet in some ‘prince charming’ who’s going to come marry us off, and waltz us away to a miraculous throne of wealth and happiness. Find your purpose, find your passion and pursue it. We all want to go to ‘heaven’ but none of us want to taste death. We all believe in Jesus, but we only follow the things that are convenient.  We all want someone to come save us, but how about saving ourselves.

Conversations with Alicia Calderon~

Jesus is not coming back, get over it!


photo (16)When we pray, who listens, who hears? When we commune with our hearts, who understands?  When we pray to our Father in secret, whose secret is it? The only other being hearing, the only other being listening…is me. Prayer is not to validate Gods existence; it’s to validate our own.

Psalms of Alicia Calderon~

“Bad things don’t happen in life to destroy us, they happen for the purpose of getting us to where we need to be”




I spoke to my older sister today and I realized that although marriage is a sacred value of mine I’ve never really desired to get married, not once!  I have a deep respect for the institution, however bad experiences with men caused me to lose interest a long time ago.

Earlier today I spoke to another friend and she was telling me about this one guy she always sees at the gym who annoys her to no end, constantly bothering her for her phone number, and a chance to get to know her. Well, she happened to see this same guy while out at a party this past weekend with a childhood friend of ours, except he was introduced as the brother in-law who happened to marry this same friend’s sister the previous week! (Men I tell you).


I’ve only seen the qualities I’m really looking for in one man, except, I later found out I was the side chick, so actually that doesn’t count. Lmao! We actually went to Jamaica together, and I quickly seen that all I was to him was a deleted text message away from being non-existent, (SMH). I don’t know if he knew, that I knew what he was doing every time he took the phone and left the room, but inside I knew he was leaving the room to speak to his ‘girl’, leaving me alone with my thoughts, wondering, what the hell I was doing there. It was this trip I told myself I’m better than being a “mistress”; and with that my mind was made up…I was done.


As funny as this may sound, this was the first time in my adult life that I realized I deserve to be loved; I deserve to be put first, I deserve to be respected as a woman, and most of all, I deserve it from myself. So yes, marriage is an institution I deeply respect, I just haven’t found a man that I’m willing to respect it with.

Alicia Calderon~


What a Billion Can’t Buy

a billion

What Can a Billion Dollars Buy?


Power belongs to God.


You can’t buy that.


We all have it, even if with ourselves.


We all have a dwelling place. 


We all have modes of transportation.







So what can a billion dollars really buy?


Don’t be fooled money is the root to all evil


What a Billion Can’t Buy